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Professional Ost to Pst Converter tool for Just $49

OST to PST Converter tool, as the name suggests helps in OST to PST Conversion. Why are we suggesting that this process is so important for your business that you need to get a tool for that?

OST to PST Converter Tool

The answer is that every business uses Outlook as an email client, and subsequently OST format for its well-known benefits. OST saves all our mailbox items offline and are so helpful in office communication. These OST files are synced with PST format by MS exchange server to make them accessible in Outlook. This is how this system works. But certain situations arise which make the OST database so important inaccessible and therefore, makes it inevitable to convert OST to PST format, as that is the only way to access OST database in Outlook.

Situations which make OST database inaccessible are –

  • OST database gets damaged due to software related issues, virus attacks, Trojan infections, or lack of storage space
  • Accidental deletion of the user account
  • MS Exchange server gets damaged due to malicious software and virus attacks etc.
  • Exchange server maintenance time

There are many more scenarios which demand OST to PST conversion, and therefore, it is extremely necessary to get an OST to PST Converter tool. The tool should be easy to use, reliable and equipped with advance technology to complete the task in no time at all. As every business want to increase its workflow and productivity, the speed and reliability aspect of the tool should never be avoided.

The Best OST to PST Converter Tool

Therefore, we always recommend OST Extractor Pro by USL software. The tool has been equipped with easy to use Graphical user interface and many prime features which makes OST to PST Conversion a breeze.

OST to PST Converter Tool

Let’s look closely into the functioning of the tool:-

  • Easy to use Graphical User interface – OST Extractor Pro has the easiest ad smoothest Graphical user interface. The interface is self-explanatory and does not require any explanation at all. This saves your business a lot of time and effort in providing training for the tool. You employees will start their OST recovery and conversion process as soon as they get their hands of OST Extractor Pro.
  • OST recovery made easy – When your employees accidentally delete their server accounts. Or when their OST database gets corrupt due to virus or malware, you need to recover or repair those OST files. OST Extractor Pro makes that task so easy. Even corrupted OST files can be converted to PST format to make them run in Outlook. Your business workflow will never be hindered.
  • OST files extracted from all types of sources – OST Extractor Pro makes it possible to extract OST files from every source imaginable. There will be no discrimination from OST Extractor Pro. All the OST files from their varying sources will be converted with the same quality touch. But if, you want to convert only a selected few files, that option is also accommodated in this tool.

OST to PST converter

Get the OST to PST Converter Tool

The business license version of OST Extractor Pro is priced at $199 and Single user at $49. It offers lifetime license, free updates and unlimited use. Plus, your company gets the full support of USL software’s customer service.

Get it here: https://www.ostextractorpro.com/

Get started with OST to PST Conversion with OST Extractor Pro.

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