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OST to Postbox Tool – Founded Upon a Dynamic Model of Data Extraction with Precise Algorithms!

Many tools dealing with email files and the ost conversion frequently lead to disastrous results. With the more complex email files of modern day, the same old network of algorithms and basic model does not fit the bill anymore.

OST to Postbox Converter Tool

Notice the details in your OST files. If you want to get all of that into Postbox client that does not support OST file, you are going to need more than a generic converter. Otherwise, you risk losing the key details from your files that are more complex than a subpar converter can handle.

As you can probably guess, we have a solution. The OST to Postbox conversion tool discussed below is not the typical tool with flawed data conversion algorithms. It is based upon a dynamic model of extraction that keeps the structure, details, and all the metadata intact. The results are precise down to the single byte.

OST to Postbox Conversion on Mac & Windows

It is called ‘OST Extractor Pro,’ from USL Software, and comes with a tech support available 24 x 7, in case you need extra help for your personal, uniquely complex database or other needs. But likely, you can do it all on your own, thanks to the amazing interface. It is fully user-friendly to use; every feature is intuitively to apply and understand. You do not even need to read tutorials or understand what the technical details behind the files. Just follow the graphical-oriented wizard and you will be set.

ost to postbox

Convert OST to Many Other formats

“OST Extractor Pro” has its own dedicated network of scripts and abstraction layers that keep the data loss to zero. From the large attachment files to tiny headers’ information, everything gets process to the output format of Postbox. You can even convert OST files to other formats than Postbox, like Outlook PST, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, MBOX, and EML files.

Quick, Easy and Accurate

The conversion happens quickly, even with the large OST file. You can expect to convert a GB sized OST file in less than ten minutes without noticing any failures, bugs, or crashes.

Some more specific features are:

  • Full and dedicated support to keep the folder structure same
  • Keep the graphical details intact
  • Retain the header information like To, from, cc, bcc, and subject
  • Able to convert large OST files too
  • Support OST files from all Outlook versions, even Office 365

Convert OST to Postbox in Mac & Windows

Available for both Mac and Windows users, the tool is available in several licenses that you can choose from, depending on how many machines you want to install it at. There is a free demo version. You can download the setup file here and install and begin the free trial mode instantly.

No signup necessary. “OST Extractor Pro” is a fully functional, easy to use, and professional converter for OST to Postbox and other formats. It has changed the conversion of email files completely and made it possible for both advanced users and beginners to conveniently migrate their important emails without efforts.

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