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OST to PST Conversion Software – the Top Features

OST to PST Conversion Software and Top Features of The Finest Tool in This Category.

The OST to PST Conversion Software for Mac & Windows

If you are looking to convert OST to PST, look no further. “OST Extractor Pro” from USL Software is the best solution to convert these files accurately and quickly.

Here are the top most features of “OST Extractor Pro“.

Accuracy in converting all items

Email files like OST and PST have many complex data items that generic converters fail to take into account resulting in fragmented data in output files. “OST Extractor Pro” contains of advanced and dedicated logic that ensures clean conversion of everything inside the files, like images, attachments, headers, text formatting, cloud-based links, nested emails, and so on.

ost to pst conversion

Easy to use interface

The worst part of most effective OST to PST conversion software tools is that they are hard to use by beginners, and sometimes even by experts. Such poorly developed tools may have the proper algorithms and flexible features, but the UI elements are completely non-friendly to users. “OST Extractor Pro” is based on a basic and minimal interface that makes this job quick and responsive. No need to go through any technical jargon or any kind of tutorial to start using it immediately.

ost to pst conversion tool

Support for non-English text conversion

Most generic tools only convert ASCII standard text, or in other words, only English text. Some tools now include other characters as well but they still fall short of total support for Unicode,. The standard format used in all international languages. This tool by USL Software has the framework required to detect, extract, and rebuild the text characters that are otherwise too hard to process, including languages like Chinese and Japanese and Korean.

Maps the folder hierarchy onto the output PST files correctly

No one uses the email clients today without utilizing their abilities for managing emails into folders. You probably have a lot of folders and sub-folders that contains emails. The structure helps you manage your data better. But in conversions like OST to PST, if the tool isn’t built to map the folder structure correctly, you may find these folders to be either totally out of their original location or their order is not exactly as it was in OST files. “OST Extractor Pro” allows for correct mapping of folder hierarchy onto OST files from PST without any mismatch or discontinuity.

ost to pst conversion tool

Speed – so you don’t have to waste time in technical jobs

If a tool cannot save your time for a technically heavy job like OST to PST conversion, then it may as well not exist. Luckily, ‘OST Extractor Pro’ has a smooth and uninterrupted data conversion flow. It allows users to convert even large files without consuming a lot of time. You can get away with conversion with as fast a speed as 1 GB per 10 minutes. This makes larger scale migration projects a relief. The tool even lets you manage multiple OST files conversion to PST in one go without compromising the data-rate.

Tech Support

The tech support is often missing with a large portion of developers or companies that offer OST to PST conversion software applications. Not so much with “OST Extractor Pro“. The company behind the tool is called USL Software.

They offer round the clock support to help you resolve any setback or to answer your queries to the fullest of your satisfaction.

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