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Move EML file to Outlook easily with expert software!

Whatever the reason for you choosing to move EML file to outlook, Mail Extractor Pro by USL software serves the purpose like none else. This software is designed to not only move EML file to Outlook but also to move data from apple mail, Postbox, Thunderbird, MBOX to PST format. It is designed to possess the latest technological features that enable it to provide smooth and accurate service.

All you need to know to move EML files to Outlook with this software

This software is easy to use, it has an interface that is user-friendly and intuitive. It can convert any type of file, the process of the conversion goes as elaborated below.

The user is supposed to launch the software with a double-click. Upon the screen one would find several options including Thunderbird, MBOX , EML and Postbox and Mac Mail to Outlook. To open EML file to Outlook, select the EML, the entire database would be selected automatically. Then the user just has to select and deselect from among the files. Checking the box on the right would mean that the software would ignore all empty folders automatically. If need be, the user can also split the PST files. This makes it easier to process large files. Once the command for the conversion has been given, it is a matter of only few minutes until the result arrives.

eml files to outlook

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Fast output with advanced features

Thanks to the new features of this software, the user would not have to waste time for the conversion and in waiting for the result. The process has been made much shorter since there is no need to transfer the data to windows for successful conversion of the files.

Another way the user saves massive amount of time is via the bulk conversion method. That means that the user is free to convert several files at once. This makes the process shorter and the results faster.

Safe for non-English languages

Using this software one would not have to skip any sort of data form the conversion, it is safe for all of them. It is in face applicable even to files that are in languages that make use of double-byte characters- Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

Using this software also ensures the safety of metadata. So, the user can expect small details like subject, date, read/unread status to be intact after the conversion as well.

Keeps files well-arranged

After the conversion the users would not have to deal with misplaced or corrupted files. This software has expertise in ensuring the safety of all files. It even arranges the folders and subfolders in a hierarchical order. So, locating any of the files does not take long.

Free trial

One can use this software to convert EML to PST for free with the trial version. All they have to do to get the full version is to upgrade. Find the links to both the trial version and the full version below.

eml file to outlook
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