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MBOX to PST Conversion (The best service in the business)!

Instead of going for a freeware or a shortcut you should spend your money on Mail Extractor Pro. It provides you with features that are worth much more than what you invest into it. It has expertise over MBOX to PST conversion like no other software. This is capable of carrying the conversion directly in the mac, as a result of which one gets the output in much lesser time than expected. Also, it provides you with a number of advanced facilities you wouldn’t find elsewhere at this price. You can download and install this software instantly by clicking on the link given below.

mbox to pst conversion

High-quality MBOX to PST conversion for everyone

What exactly you get with this software at service is not simple MBOX to PST conversion but also access to advanced features. Using this software means that you would be able to migrate your MBOX data to PST directly in the mac device. That facility brings with it a number of other useful features. Let us have a look at the specialized features of this unique converter.

User-friendly interface that lets you convert MBOX to PST directly

There is no need for the users to learn new skills to convert MBOX to PST with this software. There is no requirement of manually converting the data either. One just has to follow the instructions as provided by the software. Step-by-step instructional would be provided so that the users can follow to convert their data. Also, the number of steps and their complexity is easier to handle. This is possible thanks to the ability of this software to convert the data directly in the mac. It serves to lessen the complexity of the conversion as well as to provide one with instant results.

Safe place for conversion of double-byte carrying languages

Mail being an ubiquitous method of communication, it is but evident that it will be carried in multiple languages. Keeping that in mind, this software has been provided with the ability to recognize all languages. While an ordinary software would slow down when given the task to convert non-english language data, this software handles them all dexterously. It can recognize languages that use double-byte characters and convert them quite well. Languages like Chinese, Korean and Japanese are recognized and safe with this software.

Auto-selects the files

All the data in the database is selected by this mbox to pst converter software automatically, so there is no need to select the files one by one. Also, to enhance the speed of the conversion this software lets you convert data in bulk. You would be able to convert data of any type in a single batch without interruptions. Also, the folders and subfolders are preserved in their proper order. It is easy to locate the files as you are aware where to find them, this software takes care of the arrangement of the files.

For any assistance you can contact the client support. Also, get yourself this software at MAILEXTRACTORPRO.COM.

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