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Import from Outlook to Mac Mail with PST Extractor Pro!

Import from Outlook to Mac Mail with PST Extractor Pro – There is Unlikely to be a Better and Simpler Way than this Tool Offers!

Email migration like import from Outlook to Mac Mail requires your full attention and time. Especially if you do not like data loss or to find certain items missing in your resulting files. Because partial conversion with data errors is a frequent outcome when dealing with emails in email migration tasks. PST to Mac Mail conversion is also not any different and without a proper tool and even with full attention. You are bound to lose items like images, attachments, metadata, and Unicode data.

But it does not necessarily have to be like that. If you know a good and powerful PST converter tool, the entire task will complete in just a few minutes without having to worry about the safety or inconsistencies with database.

Import from Outlook to Apple Mail

This article is exactly about such a converter app that turns this task on its head. And that ends all the usual complications and frustrations, and offer a seamless way to import and migrate data. There is unlikely to be a better manual method or a tool that comes even close to the efficiency, data safety, speed, and performance than what this tool has to offer.

The Excellent app for it

It has a simple title “PST Extractor Pro,” and as you may have guessed from the name, it converts PST files by extracting its data. You can use it convert PST to many formats like MBOX, EML, Thunderbird, Postbox, and Mac Mail. With the help of its simple interface that is for beginners and non-tech users, you can instantly and without much effort, convert the data using the data files and import everything to Mac Mail with full accuracy.

import from outlook to mac mail

Simple and Advanced tool

The way the tool’s internal algorithms are devised, makes it possible to ensure consistency and stability without any trade offs with the data accuracy. The tool works with all kinds of PST files and whatever kind of data the files can contain. To be more specific, it is fully able to convert the following items that can otherwise be missed by an ordinary PST file converter: graphical elements like images and icons, documents like excel sheets, links inside the emails, attachments including media and application files (and of course, documents), Unicode content even from headers (non-English text), and more.

Another feature that you might appreciate greatly is its capacity to convert data in its whole. That makes it possible to retain information like folder hierarchy. Many PST to Apple Mail migration apps convert data in a fragmented way, without taking the entire Outlook database as whole. But not with this tool. It will map the folders and keep all the original structure intact.

Outlook to Mac Mail

Here are few more points worth noting about the converter:

  • Converts PST to MBOX as well
  • Allows splitting large MBOX files
  • Batch conversion support for multiple PST files
  • Converts contacts to VCF as well
  • Converts Calendar to ICS files as well
import Outlook to Mac Mail

If you wish to use “PST Extractor Pro” before any commitment or obligation, the free version is the best way you can do that. Using a software app directly has no comparison than merely reading about it. Download it using the link given at the end of this article, install it. And you can start importing Outlook to Apple Mail like a true professional. But without any of the complications that is often accompanied with Outlook PST migrations.

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