how to open ost file in outlook

How to Open OST file in Outlook 2019 (Mac & Windows)

How many times have you tried and failed to open an OST file in Outlook 2019? Lost count, right?

Well the problem with this approach is the incompatibility of an OST with Outlook. Any OST file cannot be directly opened using Outlook. So what to do??

How to Open OST file in Outlook 2019?

Simple and straight forward solution, convert the OST file into PST. If the words like OST and PST sound alien to you, then not to worry this article will answer your every query.

OST Files

OST stand for Offline Storage Table. Outlook, by default, downloads a file on your hard drive, If not already present, whenever you login into the server. This file contains all your email data and you can manipulate, manage and synchronize all of your data from the comfort of your home without wasting even a single byte of your data pack. But the problem with OST is that to reflect your hard work done on the desktop, onto the server it needs to be converted into PST file.

PST File

PST or Personal Storage Table is the “first born” file of Outlook. It is compatible with Outlook for importing directly. But to do the conversion of OST into PST is the hurdle you have to cross.

Don’t try to convert an OST file manually into PST, it will do more harm than good, it may end up corrupting your valuable data.

There could be any data inside your OST file ranging from your personal info to the sensitive data about the next big plan of your company. The risk is very high. Data in today’s world is very precious and losing it may land you into big trouble.

Best Way to Open OST file in Outlook 2019

So, USL software came up with the ultimate solution for this tricky conversion process. OST EXTRACTOR PRO is the top of the line tool made by USL software which helps you in converting your important data laden OST file with safety and accuracy.

open ost file in outlook 2019

OST EXTRACTOR PRO provides the user with an intuitive user interface which aids the user in every way possible. It hides all the complex functionalities that may overwhelm the first time users.

If you don’t even have a clue about the tool still, you can operate it.

OST EXTRACTOR PRO is an inter platform tool, i.e. the same tool can be used for the conversion process on both MAC and Windows.

The accuracy level that OST EXTRACTOR PRO provides is one of kind in the market. It guarantees the user a 100% successful conversion rate for a file. It converts all the data in your OST file into PST, even the metadata is converted.

how to open ost file in outlook 2019

The algorithms that are used and implemented by OST EXTRACTOR PRO are the latest and most efficient out there. This makes the conversion a quick and easy process.

The tool can also convert the OST file into different other file formats as per the users choice, like Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX, and EML files.

Get it to Open OST file in Outlook 2019

So the summary of the story is that OST cannot be opened directly into Outlook 2019 and the best tool out there for this is OST EXTRACTOR PRO.  Go and download the FREE trial today and get going.

Get it today and open file in Outlook 2019 for Mac or Windows without any hassle.

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