free ost to pst converter

How to get a free OST to PST converter?

What are the features that one OST to PST converter free tool must have?

OST to PST Converter Tool

When we are talking about OST to PST converter tool we must keep in mind that the tool must be able to recover data without any kind of data loss. If any tool is not able to convert the data efficiently and there is some data loss then such tool cannot be worth recovering the data.

OST Extractor Pro

To resolve this issue OST Extractor Pro is known to be the best converter, that converts data without causing any data loss. Hence if you’re looking for a tool that helps you in recovering almost 100% data then OST Extractor Pro is the tool for you.

ost to pst converter

The second thing that you must keep in mind is the recovery tool must be able to convert your complex data also. Which means if on your OST files there are audios, videos and images or other Complex documents like spreadsheet and PowerPoint presentations then it must be able to drive all such data also.

Most of the tools available in the market are not very prompt in the recovery of the complex data. Developers usually focus on recovering the text data and not the other form of data types. But the OST Extractor Pro makes the use of highly intelligent and smart algorithm that helps to recover the most complex of data within minutes.

Recover your OST file

The third point to be considered should be the speed with which the recovery takes place. Most of the OST files are very large and if you are a person who is working in a start-up or has an Enterprise this means that you need to work on multiple OS files at a time. A conversion tool that converts only one OST file at a time can consume a lot of time of yours and won’t be efficient and fruitful to you.

With OST Extractor Pro all such problems are resolved easily. It can process large OST files and can also convert multiple OST  files at the very same time. The developers claim that within 10 minutes the OST Extractor Pro can convert 1 GB of OST file into PST file. This helps you save your time and effort and also you can earn big bucks in a small amount of time.

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So here are some of the features that could help you in choosing the best free OST to PST converter. Right now the best tool in the market is the OST Extractor Pro. You can use the trial version of the OST Extractor Pro for one email ID and see for yourself how it works. With OST Extractor Pro you will get the best experience of converting OST to PST.

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