Step - 1 how to convert ost to pst

How to convert OST to PST – A Complete Guide for recovery of ost data

Try the “OST Extractor Pro” today and experience the best features of the tool. Fear of data leakage is over. We give you 100% guarantee of safeguarding your data. You will get an amazing interface to recover your ost data.

how to convert ost to pst
OST Extractor Pro (Works on Mac & Windows) converts OST to PST, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX, EML, ICS & VCF file format.

Best features of tool make it unique and user’s first choice. Some of the highly attractive features about the tool are- no loss of data integrity, no leakage of data, very secure, high accuracy maintained, 24*7 customer care, Regular updates lifetime, Very fast.

Download the software from the link given and install in your Windows or Mac machine. And convert your OST files into PST format. It is very easy process. Just need to follow few steps and the work will be done in no time.

Tutorial – How to convert ost to pst

Time needed: 17 minutes.

Follow the given steps and start working with your tool.

  1. Install and launch the tool

    Install “OST Extractor Pro” from the download page.After successful installation, launch the software in your machine. Simple interface will appear and ask you for loading your OST file from the system.Step - 1 how to convert ost to pst

  2. Uploading the OST file

    You will be asked to upload the OST file which you need to convert into PST format. Click on the “ADD OST”. Select ‘*.ost’ file and click on ‘Open’.Step 2 how to convert ost to pst

  3. Selecting the folders and the sub folders

    You have to select the folders you wish to convert into the required format. By default, all the folders are selected. Uncheck those folders which are not required.Step 3 how to convert ost to pst

  4. Select the output format

    Select the output format, say you want to convert it into the .PST format. Select the ‘PST file‘ format.Step 4 how to convert ost to pst

  5. Export the file

    Click on ‘Export’ after everything is done. Dialogue box will pop up and will ask for the confirmation. Click ‘Ok’.Step 5 how to convert ost to pst

  6. Select the location for saving the output file

    It will ask you to locate the place where you would wish to save the recovered file. Choose the folder from the machine and click ‘OK’.Step 6 how to convert ost to pst

  7. Conversion process

    It will now convert your OST files into PST formats.It will show two status bar. One will show the progress of the individual folder and other will show the overall progress.Step 7 how to convert ost to pst

  8. Conversion complete

    After converting the files into the PST format, it will show a message ‘Export Process Completed Successfully!’. It will also show that where the log report is saved in the machine.Step 8 how to convert ost to pst

Yes, that’s all. Just in few steps.

Get it to convert OST to PST

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Don’t waste your time in thinking and test the tool right now by just downloading the trial version. Follow step by step process given with amazing UI. It is such an easy tool to work with that anyone can work with it like a professional in no time.

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Send your queries regarding any issue. We will be pleased to help you You can download the free demo by clicking here.

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