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Need a hand with exporting PST files to EML? Then this is the tool for you!

Exporting PST files to EML format is one of the most daunting tasks of the day for many individuals. It is not because of the complications of the process but the threat it poses to the data going through it.

Data migration like any other process that involves movement of data poses some threats to the data involved. Like when you are copying your data from one portable device to another, there is always a chance that the process can go wrong and thereby corrupting your data. When you export PST files to EML format, the threat is somewhat the same. Though the process of data migration is far more advanced than simple copy paste operation and requires a technically able solution to carry it out, the threats involved are the same. If not carried out accurately you can easily corrupt your data files and can even lose it forever.

PST Extractor Pro: The tool to export PST files to EML without any troubles

Now when it comes to conversion solutions that may suit your data migration process, there are many options you can look at. There are manual methods, third-party converter tools etc. Out of all the options third-party converter tools have proven to be the one to go for. These software solutions fit all your needs involved with exporting PST files to EML format.

PST Extractor Pro from USL Software is one of these third-party pst to eml conversion tools. In fact, it is the third-party converter tool that most top experts and casual users recommend. It has the ability to deal with complicated, large email databases. It converts your data easily and simultaneously keeps it safe as well.

PST files to EML

Contact and Calendar Data won’t be left unconverted

Contacts and Calendars are the services of the email clients that have most of your data after the inbox. They are often regarded as extra information and ignored by many converter tools when you try to export PST files to EML format.

This might not work in your favor if your conversion solution does that. You can lose a lot of vital information with the unconverted contacts and calendar data. This converter tool sees that it doesn’t happen with its users. It automatically detects folders containing contact and calendar data and then converts it all to VCF and ICS files. Thus, ensuring none of your data goes missing.

Maintains how your Folders are Arranged

Another important feature of the eml converter tool is its ability to maintain the folder structure of your input files. Many converter tools mess up how your files were arranged previous to your conversion process. The resultant output files are all jumbled up and organized randomly.  Thus, making your post conversion life harder.

This tool helps you retain your folder structure when you export PST files to EML format. This means that it maintains how your files were arranged previous to your conversion process and ends up returning an output file that has an exactly similar structure to that of input files. This makes your post conversion life easier than ever.

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