exporting mbox to pst

This tool helps you export MBOX to PST like an expert!

Moving data is always a risky business. Be it between portable devices or between data files, data is in a vulnerable place in both of them. You can or cannot control the movement of data between any other resources, but you can control the movement of data between two different file formats.

Export MBOX to PST for MS Outlook

Moving your data between two file formats can be compared to shifting houses. You need to wrap up everything present at the initial place, then load everything up and then rearrange it at the new place. Same is the case with exporting MBOX to PST. As you need help moving your belongings while shifting, you’ll need help while transferring your data as well. This article will help you figure out which is the right help you can get for your conversion process. Read on and find out.

Exporting MBOX to PST starts from choosing the right tool

The process to export MBOX to PST doesn’t start when you click on convert post loading the email files. No, it starts with you deciding which conversion solution you choose. It is a very important step and realistically your entire MBOX to PST conversion process depends on this.

There are multiple ways in which you can go forward with converting your data. Out of all of them the best choice would be to go with a third-party converter tool. Third-party solutions are the only way to go because there is no direct way of converting your data. Therefore, you have to rely on third-party solutions.

Third-party converters are software tools that provide you with modern features to make your conversion process better. Mail Extractor Pro from USL Software provides you with the best possible features. These features provided by the tool come together to make the tool a very powerful, precise yet easy to use solution. This helps you export MBOX to PST like an expert.

export mbox to pst

Make your conversion process Quicker

The tool aims at improving your conversion process at every front. On the accuracy and safety front it does so by providing you with refined algorithms based on latest cutting-edge technology. And these algorithms help it make the process of exporting MBOX to PST quicker as well.

The tool provides you the feature of Bulk Conversion. This feature allows you to select multiple files at once. This means that you can convert more data simultaneously. The algorithms of the tool play a vital role in this and provide it with such high computational power. Thus, making your conversion process more efficient.

Retaining the Folder Hierarchy is the Key

The tool helps you retain the folder structure from the input files during the entire conversion process. This means that the files produced post the conversion process will have a file structure that is exactly like the input files.

This makes your life post exporting MBOX data to PST easier. Since you will be working with a familiar structure, it will be easier to find things and work with them.

To convert MBOX to PST, download the free trial version of the tool today and get started now at MAILEXTRACTORPRO.COM.

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