Export Mac Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail!

Clever Tool to Export Mac Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail. Try it today to see how it works and how it makes the job efficient and quick.

Export Mac Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail

Mac Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail conversion often can take mind-bending amount of time and efforts. Both clients run on Mac OS X but have a different inner core and structure of how they store data. A tool or a program allowing users to export Mac Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail requires heavy processing logic. Some needs advanced features to pull it off successfully.

Unfortunately, a big lot of converters available online have nothing going on for them. They aren’t built around the complexity of data extraction and conversion.

But there’s one that wouldn’t disappoint you.

Ultimate Way to Export Mac Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail

It’s called “OLM Extractor Pro” and has a special set of algorithms and a whole lot more to make your job of exporting Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail much quicker and easier and even more precise. It’s a clever software tool that doesn’t dwell in the past and instead brings up new, more efficient way to extract data.

Export Mac Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail

The tool thoroughly scans your OLM files (from Outlook 2011) in multi-layered approach that ensures everything is converted. This allows the algorithms to cover every aspect and not overlook or partially convert any element, giving you 100% data integrity safety. Unlike other tools that have poor implementation of algorithms that end up with fragmentation.

Take this following list of elements as an example. These are extremely hard to convert through non-professional utilities and more than often than not, you will find the output Apple Mail files severely missing them:

  • Email items and headers or metadata (contains information like To, from, cc, bcc, subject line, time and date stamps, etc.)
  • Folder hierarchy (the way you arrange folders in your database)
  • Non-English text, especially Chinese and Japanese text because they are encoded using double-byte, which can get challenging to extract
  • Images or any graphical objects embedded within the bodies of emails
  • Any other objects embedded into email bodies, like excel sheets, word docs, etc.
  • Nested emails in a conversational structure
  • And more.

Only “OLM Extractor Pro” is the tool to export Mac Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail that is able to convert all these items without errors.

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Get it to Export Mac Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail

Even if you are a basic home user who just have a few folders to move, “OLM Extractor Pro” will help you with that tremendously. Even though it supports advanced users to migrate large databases, it also suits more basic functions for relatively smaller scale migration, and it has its amazingly built UI to thank for. The intuitive interface gets the job done easily without asking for too much from non-experienced users.

This unique mix of sophistication and simplicity makes it the most used tool to export Mac Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail.

You can download it for free and use it in a trial mode. The link is given here for downloading the setup file and export Mac Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail.

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