emlx to eml migration tool for mac

Ditch the Old EMLX to EML Migration Model – Adopt an Efficient One!

If you look into your Apple Mail database, you will find EMLX file. Each file stores a single email and attachments are stored in EMLXPART. Using this file for importing data to other clients like Live Mail is a bad idea because the file is not meant for email migration. Its structure does not permit for clean or efficient data export.

EMLX to EML Migration

You need to ditch this old model of data transfer by converting EMLX to EML. Never has it worked to the fullest satisfaction of users and even makes them face severe complications with the integrity of emails.

Instead, adopt a new one, a better, more efficient approach if your main goal is to move Mac Mail emails to Windows Live Mail. It does not involve messing around with the database and digging deep for these EMLX files. In fact, there is no manual selection of files involve at all.


EMLX to EML Migration Tool for Mac

“Mail Extractor Max” is exactly that. It selects your main Mac Mail ‘Profile’ (located inside users’ libraries) automatically. All the commotion about EMLX and EMLXPART (for attachments) are not your concern anymore.

emlx to eml

You also get the choice to select any backup Profile or Mac Mail exported databases from other locations: just specify the location.

Three things happen when you rid the manual actions and directly aim at the source of data, two of them are obvious, but the last one is not so much:

  1. It makes the process easier
  2. Makes the process quicker
  3. Makes the process or more precisely outcome files more exact with keeping the originality.

Here is how the steps with “Mail Extractor Max” look like:

  1. Open the tool and click on ‘Load’ -> Autoload. (or pick ‘Open’ in case you have other backup databases to convert instead)
  2. You can see all the folders inside the main selection. (feel free to uncheck any boxes for folders you can dispense without, like very old emails, junk/spam folder, etc.
  3. Select ‘EML’ from the dropdown menu of output formats (because you can also convert Mac Mail to Thunderbird, standard MBOX, Entourage, Outlook Mac, Thunderbird, and Postbox)
  4. Choose the desired location where you want to save the output files once converted.
  5. Hit ‘Convert’ and hang around for a minute or two while the data is getting converted. You can see the progress in the progress-bar.

This is a very simple, five-step process. That also gets the essence and fidelity of your precious emails across without flaws. Including all the photos (embedded or attached), header information, MIME and Unicode content, etc.

emlx to eml migration

Try it today

“Mail Extractor Max” comes in a free trial version and three other licenses. The download link below is for the direct setup file with no sign-up form in between. Meaning: you can fire up the program in under two minutes and check it out in a trial mode. USL Software, the company that developed it, made sure there is no friction between you and the goal of importing Mac Mail data to EML.

Product Site: www.mailextractormax.com

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