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Nail the EML to PST conversion job with Mail Passport Pro!

Email conversion jobs can be quite complicated and thereby it is imperative that a user choose an absolutely efficient conversion tool for the job. The market remains swamped with multiple tools but choosing the one that can get the job done is quite an arduous task. However, EML to PST conversions in particular are highly demanding which leaves the users with limited choice. And in our opinion, only a tool as effective as Mail Passport Pro must be engaged for the task to get refined and expected results.

EML to PST Conversion Tool

Gladwev Software’s team decided to put together their best technology to develop a tool that could satisfy conversions of the sort of Apple mail, Thunderbird, MBOX, Outlook Mac, Postbox, RGE, Entourage, and EML to PST. You heard it correct! This tool alone can satiate these multiple conversion need demands and that too with 100% efficiency.

eml to pst conversion

The feature that makes this tool even more pleasing is its simplicity. Users ranging from beginners to experts can make use of this tool without any interruptions to convert EML to PST at a professional level. The interface has been laid out firmly and constructively to make the whole journey free-flowing from the very start. Even the process is simple to follow and it gets completed quickly. A quick review of the process to convert EML to PST using Mail Passport Pro has been detailed hereunder:


Step 1: The first step is to launch the tool on the screen.

Step 2: To begin the process, one must upload the EML files by browsing through the system. This smart tool gauges the subfolders as well.

Step 3: After the successful upload of the EML files, the user can select or deselect the folders from the drop down list by clicking on the boxes right next to them.

Step 4: After finalizing the files, the user gets a prompt to select a favorable location for saving the EML to PST converted files.

Step 5: The process start and the progress can be mapped through the log report.

That is about it! This is what it takes to get the perfect replicas of the EML files using Mail Passport Pro!

Did you know about the terrific tool named Mail Passport Lite?

We have been talking about the brilliance of Mail Passport Pro in achieving EML to PST conversions so far. But did you know the same company has another product that assists the users with EML to PST or MBOX to PST conversions too. Mail Passport Lite is the tool we are talking about!

eml to pst converter

Mail Passport Lite is the slightly cut down version of Mail Passport Pro as it converts only two kinds of email clients to PST. However, if it suits the user needs then it would be the perfect fit as this tool has the entire list of brilliant features too.

eml to pst

To download the free trial version of these brilliant tools to convert EML to PST, click on the link below.

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