convert pst and ost to mbox

Convert .PST/.OST File to MBOX File – A Steady and Advanced Tool to Help You Along!

Convert .PST/.OST File to MBOX file format – How to convert MS Outlook Data file to MBOX data file?

.PST and .OST files are for Outlook in Windows but they could not be more different. While the former is a personal file used for data archiving/backup and other operations, OST works with Outlook internally and automatically. There is no way to use OST files in any tasks manually.

However, if you have stranded and inaccessible OST files, you can retrieve the data back from them by converting it to the applicable format.

Convert .PST/.OST File to MBOX File format

In this post, we are dealing with .PST/.OST conversion to MBOX files. This is needed to move Outlook data to clients that support MBOX format.

There are no tools that lets you convert both files. So, you need either an OST to MBOX converter or PST to MBOX converter or both depending on your migration project.

For those who have to convert PST to MBOX, we recommend “PST Extractor Pro,” and for OST to MBOX, the “OST Extractor Pro” is a great choice. Both of them come from USL Software, the same company behind other highly praised email migration utilities. PST and OST Extractor Pro have friendly UIs and accurate algorithms to give you accurate and seamless migration experience. Very few other converters available today can fluidly offer both without compromises.

Convert .PST/.OST File to MBOX

PST Extractor Pro is for Mac users, while OST Extractor Pro is now available to download for both Windows and Mac version.

Some notable features common to both tools are:

No Dependency on Other utilities:

After you download and install them, you do not need anything other than the tools themselves, not even an internet connection. They work on their own and are stable standalone software applications.

Real-time Scripts for accuracy:

The algorithms/scripts on action with them are right on point regarding all elements and information stored within the files. The modern and sophisticated firmware targets the smallest bit of data and converts it to MBOX files accurately.

Dedicated mechanisms to maneuver complex elements:

Every email file in modern day contains elements like Unicode text, double-byte characters, graphics, nested messages, MIME content, headers, and so on. The tools mentioned here have the foundation of dedicated mechanisms for each of these components. That is why they can operate on all kinds of information and never output errors or lose the fidelity of your emails.


Most .PST/.OST to MBOX files converters are rigid and not flexible, which can make some advanced conversion tasks difficult. PST & OST Extractor Pro are both adaptive software solutions that are able to run smoothly on any condition. For example: they do not alter the mechanism when dealing with large PST/OST files.

Unified Interface:

The UI is often the most crucial element of a software application, but also the most ignored aspect by developers, especially in email migration domain. The tools we are talking here do not share the same drawback; they have unified interfaces that integrate every advanced function under a single graphical-UI, making them fitting in all scenarios and levels of users.

Get your self a free trial version.

Get ‘PST Extractor Pro at and Get OST Extractor Pro at

Download PST Extractor Pro if you only want to convert PST to MBOX. Get ‘OST Extractor Pro’ if you need OST conversions. The trial version works for up to ten items within each folder and lets you access every other functionality the tools have to offer.

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