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Convert your OST to Apple Mail directly on your Mac Machine!

Converting OST to Apple Mail is an uphill battle in itself and to do it directly on your Mac machine is nearly impossible. Many users have struggled with have put out a demand for a conversion solution that runs directly on Mac. Sadly, most converters out there are Windows based. So, you need to move your files to windows before converting. But don’t worry, this article will introduce you to a conversion solution that provides you with exceptional conversion prowess and runs directly on Mac.

OST to Apple Mail Conversion is simple

The heading that you just wrote is not a clickbait. It is true. All the stigma around OST to Apple Mail conversion is just hoax. You can easily convert your data without any difficulties. All you need is the right conversion solution and a bit of knowledge.

OST and Apple Mail files are different on structural level. OST files were primarily designed to keep the internal working of their parent email client smooth. And they ace the task they were designed for. Syncing up data, manipulation of data in offline state, storing data in offline state etc., it does it job very well. The problems start to arise when you need to access the data stored in these OST files.

OST files are incompatible with direct access. Thus, you need to convert them into the format that your email clients understand to access the data stored in them, which gives rise to the need of OST to Apple Mail conversion.

The ideal solution for your OST to Apple Mail Conversion

There is no direct way to carry out your OST to Apple Mail Conversion. So, it is entirely up to you that how you proceed with your conversion process. Professional converter tools are the recommended way of doing so. They are up to date with the modern technologies and overcome the problems that are not solved by your regular manual conversion methods.  

OST Extractor Pro from USL Software is the tool that you need. The tool is an all-round conversion solution with all the best features wrapped up together in a single conversion solution.  The features that the tool provides you with includes:

ost to apple mail

It helps you for your OST to Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Postbox, MBOX, EML as wells as OST to PST conversion.

Multi-platform Conversion Solution:

The tool provides a multi-platform support to your conversion process. It runs on both Windows and Mac. Thus, one tool for both your machines.

ost to apple mail conversion

Converts large OST files too:

The tool converts large OST files too without any problem. The tool handles those large files without any issues and give you a solid and complete conversion process. This is an area where most converter tools failed in past. This tool overcomes these shortcomings and makes sure that you have a flawless OST to Apple Mail Conversion.

convert ost to apple mail

Easy to Use:

The tool has one of the simplest to use interfaces in the business. The tool provides you with a clean and simple interface that makes figuring out the next step easier. The step by step guide provided by the tool doesn’t let you get lost with the conversion process and always keeps you on track.

ost to apple mail converter
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