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Convert Apple Mail to Thunderbird Mac & Windows

Convert Apple Mail to Thunderbird can be simple and quick given you have proper set of tools. A good conversion solution will give you precise output without any data integrity errors.

Now you don’t have to look for that fully complete solution because we have found one for you. It’s called “Mail Extractor Max“.

Convert Apple Mail to Thunderbird

The best feature of “Mail Extractor Max” that is usually not offered by other similar tools. It does not need you to manually select EMLX files or MBOX files for conversion into Thunderbird. It can directly target the profile database folder of Apple Mail. You can choose either the primary profile folder or any backup folder you might have in any location.

Convert Apple Mail to Thunderbird

This allows it to have much better accuracy over the fidelity of converted data. The tool doesn’t miss any item or minute detail the database of Apple Mail might contain. Whereas, with generic conversion solutions, which often asks users to manually convert EMLX or MBOX files, you would find severe data integrity loss.

Another important aspect of the tool is its interface. Any user can start using it right away and intuitively understand what the steps are and how to implement all the features it has to offer. A first timer user always have difficulties navigating the interface of generic file converters and they need to first go through a long tutorial in order to understand how any of it works. No more with “Mail Extractor Max“.

Key Features

Here are few more features of “Mail Extractor Max“. You will find make it much better suitable for Apple Mail to Thunderbird than any other techniques/applications available today:

  • On top of targeting the source of data called “Profile”. It also allows to choose any backup database folder you may want to convert to Thunderbird.
  • It has an option to ignore all empty folders and exclude them from conversion in a single click.
  • You can see all the folders and their hierarchy inside the selected database folder and can exclude/remove any folders you don’t want to convert.
  • The tool not merely converts Apple Mail to Thunderbird but to other formats as well, such as, Outlook 2011 for Mac, Postbox, EML files, and standard MBOX files.
  • The full version (available through several licenses) is complete on its own and allows unlimited conversion. Unlike other tools that are based on subscription model, which is not effective for email migration needs, this one comes with a one time payment.
  • There is around the clock tech support available to help you anytime you require any type of assistance, whether you are facing some problems during migration or whether you have just a few queries.

Apple Mail to Thunderbird

Try it to Convert Apple Mail to Thunderbird

You can try it here: The trial mode works for ten items inside each folder of your selected database; other than that, there’s no restriction from trying out anything else it has to offer. You can use it for unlimited period of time and get fully confident with its potential and worth before getting a paid license for activation.

Get it today to convert Apple Mail to Thunderbird, Entourage, MBOX, EML etc.

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