Apple Mail Export Conversion Tool

Apple Mail Export Conversion with conviction of an expert!

To confidently convert Mac Mail to PST without having to face problems like long and complicated steps and putting data at risk, you must choose the right software for the task. A software capable of this task is the Mail Extractor Pro by USL software that has access to all the features that are most-sought after for data safety and fast conversion. It has been designed keeping in mind the needs of beginners as well as regular users, functioning in way as to hinder neither.

Apple Mail Export Conversion

Most gentle yet effective Apple Mail Export conversion facility

This software never lets you down, whether it is about the safety of your data or keeping all files safe. The process of the Apple Mail Export conversion too is quite incredibly simple. One needs just to follow a few steps. After launching this software you have to select apple mail, the software would automatically select the whole database. From therein you can choose those folders that you want to convert, choose the location of the converted files, select the size of the pst files and send the command for the conversion.

Faster Apple Mail Export conversion now at everyone’s disposal

Apple Mail Export conversion neither has to be a repetitive task nor does it have to consume much time. Using this software one can deal with heavy folders at once. The bulk conversion facility lets one convert multiple files in a single bath. Doing the task of what would have taken several rounds at once.

Highly effective in keeping metadata and Unicode safe

The users of this software would not have to do anything extra to ensure that the files remain safe. It is completely capable of keeping every iota of data safe, no matter what its nature. Unicode components are found in languages that use double-byte characters, languages like Korean, Chinese and Japanese. This software keeps them safe too. So the users do not have to think twice converting files with any sort of component. It maintains the safety of metadata components too.

Keeps folder hierarchy intact

The norm with the users of the ordinary Apple Mail to PST converter is to find their files scattered over the desktop screen. This software on the other hand ensures that the folders and subfolders are arranged in a sequential order.

Direct conversion in the mac

This software skips the step of transferring the input data to the windows device. This in turn makes the process much simpler and even safer. It takes lesser time and is guaranteed to provide full conversion of data.

Free of bugs and other nuisances

While an ordinary software handling any sort of data might freeze or slow down, there is no possibility of any of that happening when this software is being used. It is accustomed to converting all sorts of files and is free of bugs. Click on the link below to get the trial version free of cost, upgrade to the full version only when you feel like it.

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